Typical Audition Results


Finish audition. Recover from any loss of lines. Personal manner in interview is pleasant.


Hold the interest of the panel. Audition with few noticeable mistakes. Pieces are clear and easy to understand. You understand the texts and can answer plot and character questions about them. Strong performance with clear character and emotional delineation. In interview you give clear knowledgeable answers to questions put.


Pieces are powerful and gripping. You appear very confident, in control and engaging Work has emotional depth and dramatic impact. Questions answered with fluency.

Ask yourself - did I prove myself under the following?

  • communication skills
  • clarity under pressure
  • coping with stage fright
  • personnel presentation
  • self discipline
  • preparation for audition/interview
  • textual analysis, reading a play
  • character log
  • prepare and rehearse a role
  • research
  • interpret scenic moods and concepts
  • use different acting styles

Useful Reference Tool

Audition Success (A Theatre Arts Book) By Don Greene

"An audition can be the most frightening - and most important - ten minutes in a young artist's career. Now comes Don Greene, a remarkable teacher who has worked with Metropolitan Opera musicians, singers from around the country, and athletes including Greg Louganis - all of whom know what it means to perform under extreme stress. Audition Success presents a groundbreaking method that has already made Greene one of the country's leading trainers. Using real life examples from the careers of two performers, Audition Success will help performers understand what prevents them from nailing an audition and give them the tools to reach their goals. Audition Success helps dispel the myth that you perform best by being completely relaxed. On the contrary, some anxiety isn't going to hurt, as long as you can make it work for you. Don Greene's techniques teach you how to monitor and control fear, and put your nervous energy to work. The beginning performer will find here the tools to prepare for the audition circuit, and the experienced performer will appreciate techniques that can turn good auditions into great ones."

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