Cat masks are easy and fun to make. Try painting the mask in a variety of ways or changing the colour of the paper to make an assortment of cats, including leopards, tigers and lions (add a woolen mane).

You will need:

Cat Mask
  • Scissors
  • Pencil, paints, crayons and markers
  • Wool, string and elastic
  • Hole punch or knitting needle
  • 8in (20cm) square of stiff paper or thin card
  1. Fold the square of stiff paper or thin card in half and copy the outline on the opposite side to the fold. Cut around the outline.
  2. On the folded side, draw in the nose and mouth as show.
Cat Mask
  1. Cut along the outline of the nose and stop at the dot.
  2. Cut out the mouth so that you are left with a moon shaped hole.
  3. Make a fold from the tip of the ear to the centre of the first fold, draw half and oval and cut it out.
  4. Carefully open out the mask and paint the face in your chosen colours. Add features such as spots by the whiskers and stripes. Look at pictures of cats to give you ideas for marking patterns.
  5. Glue whiskers and eyebrows made from strips of paper or pieces of wool.
  6. Finally, make a hole on either side of the mask with a hole punch or knitting needle and thread with elastic.

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