Top 20 Tips

  1. Be punctual - if anything it is best to err on the side of caution and arrive in good time in the general area of the casting venue.
    Go and have a coffee to calm your nerves! Under no circumstances be late.
  2. Make sure you know the exact location of the casting venue.
  3. If there is any script to read, make sure you have time to familiarize yourself with the text.
    Your agent "The Agency of Performing Arts" will always try and obtain this in advance but sometimes this is just not possible. Casting Directors are also busy people and they could spend all day faxing pages!
  4. Wear appropriate clothing - listen to your agent's advice. If necessary take a change of clothes.
  5. SingerBe careful of bringing 'props' to an audition (newspapers, umbrellas, mobile phones, shopping, babies, dogs) you'll inevitably lose something at some point.
  6. Be aware of who you are meeting - 'Key Players', Casting Director / Producer etc.
  7. Be ready to take any direction given; you might be asked to deliver lines in at least two different ways. Make sure that the interviewers see a difference - this will show that you can take direction.
  8. Be pleasant - many jobs are obtained the minute you walk into a room. You might have been waiting a long time but auditions usually overrun. Don't be angry.
  9. Don't hang around. The Casting Director will give you clear guidance - when the audition is over - GET OUT!
  10. If requested, only ask relevant questions and keep them as concise as possible. Don't try and be clever or outsmart anyone. Don't bring a 'history' into the room; even though this Casting Director didn't give you that last job you really wanted...they've called you back so they obviously want to help you!
  11. Your photograph may already have been sent (check which one your agent has sent) - make sure you look like it! It's all too easy to rely on those shots you had taken three years ago (before the tattoo and piercings!) Many actors have different photographs with different looks.
  12. Fancy DressRemember to adapt your performance; a theatre audition is different to television is different to commercials etc.
  13. Inform yourself. Liaise with your agent about the project/character and do your homework.
  14. Don't apportion 'blame' - 'my agent didn't tell me' is a classic phrase - take responsibility.
  15. Thank the people in the room for the audition.
  17. It's not always necessary to report back to your agent; again liaise with the office.
  18. Don't pester for 'feedback'. Generally you'll hear pretty quickly if they are interested. Likewise if you've done anything wrong you'll hear about it.
  19. After the casting, move on. Don't dwell on what 'might' be - look forward to the next one!
  20. Above all ENJOY YOURSELF - auditions are part of your job; if you can't cope with them you could be in the wrong profession

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