Useful Resources

  • Stretching (pdf | 41KB)
  • If you spend a few minutes watching athletes of different sports you will soon realise how differently they carry out stretching. If they stretch at all!
  • Warm Ups (pdf | 44KB)
  • Whilst some injuries are unavoidable, many are the result of your body not being prepared for what you are asking it to do. There is an unwritten law among both elite athletes and casual exercisers that a warm-up before exercising is an important part of injury prevention.
  • Cool Down (pdf | 26KB)
  • Cool-down at the end of class is also beneficial. After working hard in class, it allows the body to gradually wind down towards a resting state rather than suddenly stopping
  • Food Pyramid (pdf | 1,365KB)
  • A Guide to Daily Food Choices
  • Muscles (pdf | 1,316KB)
  • A Guide to the Body's Muscles
  • Why Children Need To Dance (pdf | 31KB)
  • There has been no proper physical education curriculum at either primary or pre-school levels in Ireland's history. T.V., video games, computers, motor transport and a lack of regular exercise have all contributed to the sedentary lifestyle many Irish children are leading today

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