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Drama, proudly taught in a refreshing and at times unique way. The aim of the teaching staff is to develop the students' confidence and awareness of drama in the formative years and push the boundaries of performance in the older students.

Classes are designed to build self-confidence, encourage positive social interaction, develop performance skills, enable participants to achieve their individual creative potential in a lively and supportive environment.


The drama teachers all aim to offer the students an open environment in which to express themselves freely and without inhibition.

Whether this is in the form of script work with the younger students or challenging improvisation, the aim remains the same.

As the students progress through the age structure, we open their often-blinkered eyes to the many forms of theatre as well as recorded performance.

Fun With Drama


Although the classes are run with a desire to increase the students' performance skills in the manner outlined above, ultimately the class ethos is to have fun with drama, thus creating individual creativity and confidence. The importance of drama as a social tool is a factor The Academy is aware of and aims to develop in each individual.

Activities Include:

  • drama games
  • prepared, spontaneous and polished improvisation
  • movement techniques
  • language and verbal skills
  • role-play and characterisation skills
  • abstract drama
  • devising original scripts, script interpretation and theatre production skills

Examinations with LAMDA

All students are encouraged to take acting examinations with the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) yearly.

Drama classes are designed to coach students for these exams. We choose to work with LAMDA as they are well-recognised throughout the world.

"Good actors must have the means, the intelligence, the imagination and the need to communicate their understanding of life to an audience".


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