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Little Violet and the Angel

by Philip Osment

Published by Oberon Books

(Extract taken from "LAMDA Acting Anthology, Volume 1", Published by Oberon).

GABRIEL is a young angel. Here, he introduces himself to the audience for the first time and explains his situation and as much as he remembers of his former life on earth. This scene takes place in the sky.

GABRIEL: Gabriel's the name.
I'm an angel you know.
Like my wings?
Bit small, aren't they?
They're not proper ones.
I haven't earned my proper ones yet.
I've just arrived you see.
Apparently I used to live down there.

(He looks down.)

I hate heights.

(He looks down again.)

Long way down isn't it?
Funny thing is
I don't remember a thing about being down there.
No-one ever does.
I just woke up surrounded by all these clouds and celestial
They gave me this harp as well
But I'm not sure how to play it
I think it needs tuning
Because when I try and play a song on it
It sounds dreadful.

(He plays a discordant note.)

He just gave it me, the boss.
I said, 1 don't know how to play the harp.'
He said, 'You'll learn.'

(He tries to play again. It sounds even worse.)

His name's Gabriel too.
The one who gave me the harp.
My boss.
But he's the big cheese.
He's what you call an archangel.
You should see the wings on him.
They're massive!
I'm just a common angel.
In the scheme of things
I'm not much higher than a cherub.
In fact he was quite upset,
The other Gabriel, I mean,
I suppose he didn't want to be sharing his name with
somebody as low down the pecking order as me.
I haven't got time to dawdle talking to you.
Got work to do,
Places to go,
People to see.
I'm looking for a little girl.
I'm supposed to be her guardian angel.
I have to watch over her.
It's my first job.
He said,
If I do it well,
Then I might get wings like his.

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