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The Broken Ankle

by Philip Osment


(Extract taken from "LAMDA Acting Anthology, Volume 1", Published by Oberon).

by Felicity Blackstone

EMMA. is a bright girl, full of energy and determination. Her friends have run on ahead of her.

EMMA: (Shouts.) Hey, you two, wait for me!

(They have not listened to her.)

It's not fair! Just because I'm the youngest and smallest, they never want me in their games - well, I'm going to catch up with them. I know where they've gone. (Starting to run.) Wait for me!

(She trips and falls.)

Ow! Oh no! that's done it, my new jeans have got a rip in them. I only got them last weekend - how annoying. Mum will be furious. (Trying to get up.) Ouch, my ankle; it really hurts. What have I done to it? I can't walk on it. Oh bother, I'd better sit down again. Let's have a look at it. (Pulling up her trouser leg.) It's not bleeding or anything but it looks swollen. (Prodding it.) Ooh, that hurts! What shall I do? Perhaps I can try hopping along on the other leg.

(She struggles to her feet and tries - but it is no good.)

I'm never going to get back home like this. Maybe I can try crawling on my good leg and dragging my other leg. (She tries.) That's no good, it's far too painful. I wonder if I've broken my ankle. That will mean a visit to Casualty, x-rays and plaster casts. (Brightening.) I've always wondered what it would be like to have my leg in plaster. I'll make sure that everyone makes a fuss of me. James will have to carry my school bag and Helen will have to help me up and down the stairs. I really hate the way they leave me all the time - this will teach them...

(She starts to cry.)

... I can hear them calling my name. (Shouting.) I'm over here -I'm so pleased to see you. Thank goodness you've come.

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