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The Wizard of Oz

by L Frank Baum (adapted by Shaun McKenna)

(Extract taken from "LAMDA Acting Anthology, Volume 1", Published by Oberon).

The Novel is published by Penguin Books

Dorothy, a young girl from Kansas, finds herself in the magical land of Oz, her house having been blown there by a tornado. In order to find her way home, she must find the Wizard of Oz. Along the way she meets a SCARECROW, with whom she makes friends. Here the SCARECROW explains to Dorothy how he was created.

SCARECROW; My life has been so short that I really know nothing whatever. I was only made the day before yesterday. Luckily, when the farmer made my head, one of the first things he did was to paint my ears, so that I heard what was going on. There was another Munchkin with him, and the first thing I heard was the farmer saying, "How do you like those ears?" "They aren't straight!" said the other Munch- kin. "Never mind," said the farmer, "Ears is ears. Now I'll make the eyes." So he painted my eyes and as soon as it was finished I found myself looking at him and at everything around me with a great deal of curiosity, for this was my first glimpse of the world. And what a beautiful place it is. Then he made my nose and mouth but I didn't speak because I didn't know then what a mouth was for. I had the fun of watching them make my body and when they fastened on my head at last I felt very proud for I thought I was just as good a creature as any one.

But then they put me in a field to scare the crows and left me all alone. Many crows and other birds flew into the cornfield and as soon as they saw me, flew away again. I felt very important, if a little lonely. Then this old crow came. He didn't seem scared at all. He perched on my shoulder and said "That farmer's a fool, trying to fool me with a poor thing like you." Then he hopped down at my feet and ate all the corn, and all his friends came to eat the corn too. I felt sad because it showed I wasn't such a good Scarecrow after all,but the old crow comforted me and said, "If you had brains in your head, you'd be as good a creature as any of them. For brains is what counts, whether you're a crow or a man." And that's why I'd like to go to the Emerald City. so the Great Oz will give me some brains.

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