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Too Late

by Jenny Thornton

(Extract taken from "LAMDA Acting Anthology, Volume 1", Published by Oberon).

In this scene a teenage girl reflects on her life. The stage represents two time zones - this year (stage left) and last year (stage right).

(Standing in the middle off he stage.)

Here I bridge the gap - span two time zones. Life was so different then. How could I possibly know? How?

(Mimes watching television.)

Mum! Mum! Bring my cup of tea up will you. Oh go on- please!! No I can't be bothered to come downstairs. (Taking the tea.) Thanks. Oh and by the way, I'm not going to the disco, they apparently make a fuss if you don't dance and I'm too tired to dance so I shan't bother. Maybe I'll go to the one next month - Yes - next month.

(Freeze - moves to a towel.)

What a hot day. I'll just sunbathe for a few hours. Paddle! Why on earth would I want to paddle. No thanks I'm staying on my towel - safe - no salty water or sand between my toes.

(Freeze - moves to a flower.)

He loves me-he loves me not - he loves me - he loves me not. What a bore. Why do we have to come on these family picnics I'll never know. And walking - who wants to walk up and down hills. All that grass gives me hay fever.

(Freeze - moves to centre stage.)

Hay fever. I worried about hay fever. That was the last day of normal life. We left the park and went home. Mum cooked the dinner but had forgotten the peas. I popped down the shops. Day dreaming - I was day dreaming about Vanessa's party and what I was going to wear - stepped out - didn't see the car coming - just stepped out - right in its path - head on!


(Freeze - moves to SL and is very still.)

This room is my life now, Mum brings me my cup of tea- I can't go downstairs - can't walk. Can't walk in the fields or feel the grass under my feet. I won't be able to paddle or get sand in between my toes. Not now! Not ever!... and the disco - I never did make the disco - never did dance. Now I won't get the chance. Will I? TOO LATE!

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