We have our two daughters Hanna 4 and Rebecca 6 in Academy and Agency. They love it and Rebecca in particular has grown in confidence and self esteem since she started last year and the "Grease" show in the Solstice at Christmas was just fantastic and testimony to all the hard work put in by the teachers. To know that you are sending your children off every Saturday morning with smiles on their faces to classes with such a high standard of teaching where they are being nurtured to learn to dance, sing and act and have fun at the same time while doing it is brilliant. Thank You to all the Staff.

Orna and Gary Carr (Ratoath)

My daughter Rachel has been a student at the Academy and Agency of Performing Arts for xx years . Rachel has always loved to perform and at the Academy that ambition has been carefully nurtured in a professional environment . While the teaching is always at a very high standard the Academy also manages to make it a lot of fun for the students. Rachel has made a lot of lovely friends and I have no doubt that the experience gained at the Academy will stand to her for the rest of her life .

Jim Murphy

As we near the end of another term of classes I just wanted to let you know how much my daughter has enjoyed herself. The dancing is always her favourite class although I have watched her gain terrific confidence in both drama and singing in the past year.

Well done to you and your team, keep up the good work.

Mrs S.

I would like to express my thanks to Rachel and Karen in the Teeny Tots class for their excellent work over the past year. In particular, I would like to extend a genuine thank you to Rachel. Rachel has been so good with Jessica - always held and hugged her when Jessica was feeling shy in class. I look forward to enrolling Jessica again next September.

Aisling Flanagan (Navan Academy)

I have two of my children Saoirse and Sean (Age 6 and 8) in the Academy since the beginning and they both love it. It has helped to build their confidence, meet lots of new friends and they have grown as young people within the Academy.

Donna-Marie O'Looney (Kells Academy)

My daughter Laura age 12, has been a member of the Academy for over 2 years and it has given her lots of opportunities, she has been on the Den and has recently met Brian McFadden.

Sheena Duggan, (Ratoath Academy)

What I like best about the Academy is it's fun. It is a great way to make friends. You do drama, singing and dancing and you also get loads of chances to go on TV. The teachers are so nice and whenever we have a show we always have great fun backstage and on stage!!!

Laura Duggan (Ratoath Academy)

Cian (age 11) has had lots of TV opportunities and really enjoyed the recent Legends show. The Academy has boosted his confidence immensely.

Elaine Ryan (Virginia Academy)

Our 3 year old daughter has been with the Academy since January '07. I find it helps her immensely mixing with other children. She's not starting school till September '07 and hasn't had the experience of playing with children in crèches. She was a child who lacked confidence and I have no doubt the Academy has made her more outgoing and fast tracked her progress. I feel she will mix more comfortably in her schooling come September. Again many thanks.

Darragh Rice (Ratoath Academy)

I love doing the shows because all our hard work pays off. These are stressful and tiring but it's all worth it when we all come together and do a show. I love it.

Lisa Markey Age 16 (Navan Academy)

I think the academy is a part of your life, like you can leave the academy, but the academy will never leave you. The memories live on forever! When I first went to the academy and did my first solo acting piece I was extremely shy but thanks to Sheila, she boosted my confidence up to the sky. I could perform now in front of a thousand people with nerves of steel in me!

Scott Lyons, Age 14, Navan Academy

Hi my name is Emily. This is my story, I like the Academy because I love dancing, singing and acting. I love doing shows and The Legends was brilliant. I love my dance teacher Sheila and I am really looking forward to the High School Musical Camp. The Academy rocks my world!!!

Emily Woodfull Age 7, Virginia Academy

The Academy & Agency is great fun. It offers me professional training in singing, drama and dancing with the help of the teachers. I have become a more confident person.

Celine Carolan, Age 8, Navan Academy

With The Academy & Agency you learn loads of things - Dance, drama and singing. You get so much confidence in yourself. They teach you a wide range of stuff in a fun method!!! I have been there for 4 years and I love it!!!

Fiona Mallaon, Age 12, Navan Academy

With the Academy a good opportunity is always around the corner.

Emma (Age 10) & Lisa Smith (Age 9)-Kells Academy

My 6 year old daughter has been attending the Academy for the past three years. Sheila and her team are extraordinary teachers who get little feet in motion and big dreams in flight. The classes are totally child centred, innovative, enthusiastic, organised and refreshingly age appropriate. I thank Sheila for never missing a beat, for being 100% each time, and for instilling such confidence in an otherwise retiring child.

Carolyn McCrory (Alex's mom), Navan Academy

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